Best Artificial Premium 7ft / 210cm Real Feel Hinged Christmas Tree with Nearly 1700 Full PE Tips for Indoor Xmas with 5 YEAR GUARANTEE

Price: £149.99
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Product Description

( similar trees are priced at over £300 )


This beautiful Quality Christmas Tree will bring Christmas cheer to all that sees. This 7ft Beauty cannot be missed once dressed with your favorite decorations and some pretty lights it will look absolutely stunning.,shop window displays

This Quality Christmas Tree will be great for the home or business and also for Christmas window displays,Halls,Venues etc etc


Fantastic top quality Christmas tree.

These Christmas trees Full PE tips and branches which give you a very full and natural looking tree once shaped. The PE tips also give you a very realistic look and touch for an artificial Christmas tree. The Hinged branches make it very easy to assemble and very quick to take down for storage after Christmas.


Supplied as shown in picture 2.

Guarantee Tips -

5 year guarantee

We pride ourselves in the quality of our trees, all branches have been hand wrapped to make sure that the trees do not lose tips on a regular basis. We will replace any tree that has lost more than 3% of its tips.

You will lose some tips when you first assemble your Best Artificial Christmas Tree as the manufacturing process trim some of the tips and branches and often they can be left loosely attached to the tree. You should give your tree a good shake in the first year so you can see how many tips may be lost in future years. Tree

stands -

5 year guarantee

Any tree stand that breaks or twists will be replaced within this period.

Branches -

5 year guarantee

All our branches are fastened to the trunk of the tree using a manual steel rivet, if any branches should detach then we will send out a replacement rivet that can secure the branch with just a squeeze of the pliers.

Snapped branches

can only happen as the result of negligence or during transit so these are only covered for 12 months.

Exceptions -

Rust We will not cover any rust that occurs as this depends on where the tree is stored rather than a defect during manufacturing.

Product Features

Nearly 1700 PE Tips(molded from real branches), PE tips give the most natural and realistic look and feel you can get. Each PE Tip Measures 125mm Long and 40mm Wide, Giving You A Dense Looking Tree Once Shaped. This Premium Christmas Tree Measures 7ft/210cm Tall(from the bottom of the strong metal stand to the top of the tree) and is 4.5ft/145cm Wide, across the bottom of the tree. Professional Quality Product(will last for many years), 100% PE Tips (PVC Around Pole). This tree has NO Tinsel(pvc) branches like most Artificial Christmas trees being sold, it has Natural Looking PE Moulded Branches!!!! Hinged Branches(3 sections) For Very Easy Assembly and Storage. Bottom two rows have double branches giving tree a full effect. Amazing Price For Such A Premium Quality Tree

( similar trees are priced at over £300 dont miss out on this Fantasic Offer )

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